Who Are We?

FaultCurrent Ltd was founded in 2012 as a business spin-out from ground breaking research undertaken by Dr. Jeremy Hall at the Wolfson Centre for Magnetics at Cardiff University.

The Company’s mission is to develop fault current limiting technologies that will extend the fault carrying capacity of an existing power grid.

The research phase was completed in April 2013 with a combination of University (Cardiff), Venture Capital (Fusion IP) and UK Government (TSB) support.

Also in 2013, the UK’s Department of Energy & Climate Change, having evaluated FaultCurrent Ltd’s proposition against its Technology Innovation Needs Assessment (TINA), awarded the Company an Energy Entrepreneurs Fund grant in order to accelerate the development of a full-scale 11KV 20MVA prototype.

This prototype, completed at the end of 2015, has gone on to successfully pass a series of rigorous short-circuit fault tests at the KEMA facility in the Netherlands at both 50 and 60Hz.

FaultCurrent Ltd plans to forge partnerships with power system owners, system integrators and consultants from across the world to help address the global issue of fault currents and enable a smarter, flexible grid that can more easily accept the connection of renewable & distributed generation.