What We Do

FaultCurrent Ltd has developed a unique passive magnetic Fault Current Limiter (pmFCL), a Smart Grid technology that provides additional fault level headroom, when it is needed during a fault event, to quickly, safely and easily allow the connection of new Distributed Generation sources.

The patented technology behind this next generation FCL has been achieved through a combination of magnetic engineering insights, including using low-cost ferrite permanent magnets to saturate a network of inductors. The pmFCL provides additional fault current headroom but unlike a Current Limiting Reactor, presenting a low impedance during normal ‘in service’ current flows until an abnormal fault current instantaneously forces the device into a higher impedance state and in doing so allows time for the power system’s existing infrastructure the react to isolate the fault safely. Post fault the pmFCL instantly recovers ready to protect the network again.

Unlike other FCL’s, this breakthrough design is a truly ‘fit & forget’ technology, needing no auxiliary power sources, no specialist cooling or controls and critically introducing only minimal network losses.

What We Do

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