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Martin Ansell

Martin is the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of FaultCurrent Ltd and is a seasoned international executive who has worked in both the Telecommunications and Energy industries for over 35 years.  His experience spans from start-ups through to Fortune 500 companies, having worked throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas.  At ALSTOM T&D, Martin helped guide the development of its Automation activity and then went on to lead its UK based activities in Power Electronics, HV Switchgear and Projects.  At GE, he served as a member of its global T&D Executive driving growth in the EMEA region and then, as a member of GE’s Smart Grid leadership team, was responsible for the profitable growth of an Asset Management & Optimization software business.  He left GE in April 2011 and through LIG Consulting is a strategic advisor to the energy industry.  Martin has a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and has professional membership of the IET, IEEE and CIGRE.

Dr. Jeremy Hall

Jeremy is the Chief Technology Officer of FaultCurrent Limited and holds a lectureship and research position at Cardiff University’s Wolfson Centre for Magnetics where he lead’s a team of PhD students working in the field of magnetic nanotubes, steel microstructures and composites.  His research into applications of magnetic materials in transformers and inductors has led to a series of fault current limiter patents and the Company was founded based on this groundbreaking innovation.  His doctorate was an industry based research project to develop a magnetic technique for detecting latent residual curvature in electrical steel strip.  Jeremy has authored numerous technical publications in his field of research, is a Chartered Physicist and a professional member of the Institute of Physics.



Andy Cheer

Andy is the Operations Director of FaultCurrent Ltd and is a highly experienced senior executive with a breadth of knowledge in the fields of physical science, successfully undertaking leadership roles in the disciplines of Research & Development, Business Development and Program Management.  His career has spanned pioneering mobile telephony leading the team that developed Vodafone’s first European digital mobile phone, developing leading edge electronic products for a new business unit of NEC, building a new mobile phone network for Dolphin and growing a company in forensic consultancy.  He has most recently worked with start-up companies from proof-of-concept through to fund raising, early stage development and Initial Public Offering.  Andy holds a bachelors degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and a professional membership with the IET.