October 2019: FaultCurrent is exhibiting at the ENA’s Low Carbon Network Innovation conference in Glasgow (SEC) on 30th and 31st October.

Visit us at LCNI 2019, stand B06, to find out more about our new generation of Fault Current Limiter designed for use on 11kV networks.


September 2019: A new generation of FaultCurrent Limiters successfully completes rigorous independent performance tests.

FaultCurrent Limited is reporting results from a recent round of independent tests of its next generation Fault Current Limiter (pmFCL) which employs ferrite magnets at the core of its patented design.  The final round of short circuit (fault limiting) tests — conducted at KEMA laboratories in the Netherlands— successfully proved that its technology can be safely applied to a power system to facilitate the rapid connection of additional Distributed Generation without an electrical utility having to incur the costs, delays and the invasive risks of network reinforcement.

FaultCurrent Chairman and CEO Martin Ansell says, “this is the final hurdle in a 7-year journey that has involved fundamental research, ground-breaking innovation, prototyping and re-engineering resulting today in a market ready product”.  He adds “we were able to test the short circuit (fault limiting) performance at both 50Hz and 60Hz at KEMA’s Laboratories, a world-leader in energy consulting, testing and certification, to confirm that our pmFCL can be used on power grid across the world”

Ansell says ‘with the support of the UK government and our investors we have been able to accelerate the completion of our development program and are now working to appoint a network of global sales representatives” He adds, “We look forward to sharing additional updates as we continue to work to bring our state-of-the-art pmFCL to customers around the world.”


May 2019: Eriez Becomes Majority Shareholder of FaultCurrent Ltd

Erie, PA—Eriez® President and CEO Tim Shuttleworth announces that the company is now the majority shareholder of FaultCurrent Ltd.  FaultCurrent Ltd. was incorporated in July 2012 to develop a new generation of fault current limiters based on pioneering research and development work carried out by Dr. Jeremy Hall at the Wolfson Centre for Magnetics at Cardiff University. Early stage funding was provided by Fusion IP, now incorporated into the IP Group. Eriez-Europe Chairman Andy Lewis says, “The project attracted attention–and subsequently grants–from the Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) department of the UK government.”  Lewis explains, “Eriez Investments Ltd. has a majority shareholding position, having cumulatively invested a seven-figure sum in the past two years, with the IP Group and FaultCurrent Ltd. company directors and former directors holding the remaining shares.”

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